World-class financial technology and training solutions

Reduce technology investment costs, decrease risk, improve productivity and increase customer satisfaction.

Modfin is a provider of accounting services and financial technology solutions to companies within a variety of industries in South Africa. Modfin will provide an end-to-end solution including the implementation of software required by your organisation and then training your employees to effectively utilise these software solutions, ensuring the smooth running of your day-to-day financial needs. Whatever the size or demands of your business, we have the solution for you.

World-class end-to-end
accounting services & solutions

HBDI Brain Profiling

Herrmann International’s Whole Brain® methodology is based on proven research into how people think and communicate. By drawing on the combined analytic, detailed, strategic and interpersonal skills it takes to succeed today, organisations are able to harness their full brainpower to outthink, outpace and outperform the competition. That’s the Whole Brain® Advantage.

Exchequer Enterprise Accounting

Exchequer is an accounting and business solution that provides complete control of your business with a single totally integrated system that offers financial, distribution, costing, reporting and eCommerce modules.

VIP Payroll

Is a true payroll and Human Resources management software solution for small to large organisations in South Africa.

Pastel Accounting

Pastel is a leading developer of accounting, payroll and business software for the small to medium enterprise (SME) market.

Financial Services

Payroll outsourcing
System evaluation
Financial consultation
Outsourced accounting

Training Solutions

Exchequer Enterprise Accounting
Pastel Accounting
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel
VIP Payroll system


The Modfin promise guarantee

Modfin strives to deliver world-class and cost-efficient financial solutions to our clients. Being registered tax practitioners at the South African Revenue Services (SARS) means the advice we offer our clients is sound and reliable. The Modfin Group aims to provide total satisfaction to our customers by supplying a complete integration of their computing and accounting needs.

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